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SBE NYC Talk Shows

SBE presents "A SPECIAL Report"- The Corona Virus and the Entertainment Industry Hosted by S.B. Rep. Evette Morales​. Produced by Sequential Biz​. TV Series TV Series #8 -DJ Self, Layana Aguilar, WFA 2018, Aston Dollars. Correspondence by S.B. Reps. Lulu Lopez, Katherine Marie, Jennifer Marie, Sakar Brown, and Wil Rampersaud

ShowBiz Industry TV Series

ShowBiz Industry TV #7- Fashion- PART 2 of 2- Alexander Gurman's Event 08-08-19 with Correspondence by S.B. Rep. Derek Kendall. NYC

ShowBiz Industry TV #6- Film-Part 2-THROWBACK- Winter Film Awards 2018- Correspondence by Katherine Marie & Jennifer Marie

ShowBiz Industry TV #8- Music- Ryan Leslie- Part 1 of 2- iStandard Event 08-13-19- Correspondence by Trix Da Producer

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