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Rima Aanjay is a dynamic hip hop/spoken word artist that was born and raised in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Rima Aanjay’s writings were influenced by the crime, poverty, and police brutality in her community. Feeling powerless and invisible, Rima took her frustration to paper, and turned her pain into spoken word. Her commitment to bringing awareness to economic and social injustices destroying African-American families has been her life’s mission. Her love for the black and brown community, and hope for the future of children in these forgotten communities has been the driving force behind her artistry. She has transformed her poetry from handwritten words on a page, to a strong militant voice.

Her musical journey began between the ages of 9 & 10. Growing up in a talented musical family afforded her the opportunity to be surrounded by different forms of music. It was through the hip hop platform that she developed her musical tastes, interests and style. After realizing that making music was her main goal, she began to showcase her talent in various venues across the states and eventfully created a name for herself. She was quickly noted for her unique radical voice for change.

This revolutionary warrior is one of Virginia’s most ferocious lyricist, and a hypnotic power house to her listeners. Rima Aanjay’s realism and lyrics have captivated the underground hip hop world. She is the voice for the voiceless in so many ways. To elegantly put it, she is the Billie Holiday of hip hop, spoken word of rap, and very well loved for her work! Rima Aanjay is Hampton Road’s tight verse over a phat beat.

Equally to her credit, Spoken Word, as she is affectionately known has an even larger following through pieces such as Time, Eulogy, and A Victim of Society. Through spoken word, she has developed an activism platform that has helped to educate, inspire, and bring awareness to Human Right issues in impoverished communities all across the globe. The art of spoken word is the logic and reason of life combined with the spirit of truth! The heart is to the body as spoken word is to hip hop. When it is combined with metaphoric teachings through the rhythms of jazz, soul, funk, and blues, its complimentary style will “make the head nod because the neck knows that it’s phat”. (Mad Skillz)

In 2013, she was nominated for the heart award through Liberated Muse, an organization based in our nation’s capital, and published three new tracks on MTV Artists Network in 2014 right before she released her book, “Spoken Word for the Soul from the Soul” in May of last year. She is also known throughout the world for her classic albums, Hip Hop Will Never Die and After the Pain. She has since become that revolutionary voice for change in local communities throughout the whole wide world. After signing a music licensing deal with Music Blvd. Group, she released Make Some Noise, and later was nominated for an Underground Hip Hop Music Award in NYC for “Most Original Female Artist”. Among the nominees present were: Dave East, Tink, Rapsody, Lazurus, etc.. Rima was also the feature performer at poetry lounges such as Busboys Poets and Lounge and Da Poetry Lounge.

Her passion for social justice extends way beyond the 757. She has produced multiple albums, published books, poems and songs that has circled around the whole wide world.

While she is the Universal Hip Hop Queen, she is also the publisher and Founder of All Shades of Brown and African Warrior Women; communities dedicated to promoting the experiences of African cultures across the globe. "Rima Aanjay is VA’s tight verse over a phat beat"

For more information, please visit her website at:

Rima Aanjay

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